Cheers to my mom on her recent engagement

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Cheers to the weather finally acting as if it is interested in becoming fall-like.

Last week I actually got chilly when I was outside at Matt’s parents’ house.

One day the weather was even hospitable enough that I wore a long-sleeved shirt. As I sit here now and type this, I am once again in long sleeves.

However this the change in weather comes something not so great— allergies.

Jeers to the return of seasonal allergies.

While the affliction has yet to ail me personally, I have seen Matt sniffling and that is a sure sign that his sinus infection brought on by the change of seasons is approaching.

Speaking of Matt, his 32nd birthday is rapidly approaching.

I never did actually come up with a great idea like I normally would, so I had to actually ask what he wanted.

While he asked me to get him a practical gift (work pants), I will also be taking him out to dinner.

So cheers to Matt for turning 32.

I’m sure Matt’s birthday will also include a lot of watching football, but probably not the Pirates.

Jeers to a terrible season so far by our alma mater East Carolina University.

Matt was raised a Tar Heel fan, but after attending ECU and living in Greenville, he also developed a respect for the Pirates. Let’s hope they can turn the rest of this season around.

If ECU, doesn’t manage to turn it around, I can always drown my sorrows in glazed pumpkin Krispy Kreme donuts.

Cheers to Krispy Kreme for turning a one-time gift into a the gift that keeps giving every Friday this month. My only complaint is that they are being sold after 5 p.m., which is after I am already at work. But Matt has become my donut delivery boy.

In other news, my mom got engaged last week to her boyfriend of two years.

With the addition of a new step-father, I will also gain two new sisters.

So cheers to my mom and her new fiance.