Chaos, hypocrisy and fake news

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“For my people standing, stirring, trying to fashion a better way from confusion and hypocrisy” and hate and all forms of undemocratic and un-American rhetoric, let a network and a news broadcast be called out for what it is and how the broadcasters are affecting this administration, our two-party system, our free press, our valued law enforcement institutions and our democratic form of government.

A free press is an ironclad principle of American democracy and closely guarded by the Constitution and the Supreme Court. There exists, today, a network that is using that right of free press to limit and altogether take away the right of the other news networks to broadcast news.

This network alleges that only it tells America the truth. This network lists by name and shows the symbols of the other news networks. It then alleges all other anchors and contributors are liars, hell-bent on deceiving the viewers. In the end, the so-called truth-telling network reports, during every broadcast, that all other newspeople belong to a made-up institution called the Deep State and the role of the Deep State is to bring down the administration of Donald Trump.

I take this opportunity to inform my readers that my data comes from the past 25 broadcasts of one show on this network since March of 2018. The DVR is set to record a maximum of 25 of the same shows. Once it reached maximum capacity, the first show automatically deletes while 25 past shows remain. This is not scientific data, but it is a consistent method of being informed on the views of the left and the right that bombard the American people daily 24/7.

We elected a rogue, inept person for president. He had a lifelong experience of engaging in rascality and skullduggery to appear to be a successful businessperson. He practiced personal affinities with people of questionable character and integrity and used them to skirt ethics and fair dealings and abrogated agreements to his advantage.

He brought these characteristics to the White House. He procured those questionable people to serve in government. He alleged that he hired the very best people, yet he demanded absolute loyalty to him, regardless.

The so-called truth-telling network, or the conservative network, was well aware of all these conditions, but it was more interested in the prevalence of wholesale conservative principles being applied to all government policies and procedures. This network advocated for an end to entitlements, denigrated increases of Social Security disability benefits under Obama, loathed food stamps and free lunch programs and opposed universal health by intense hatred of the Affordable Care Act, nicknaming it Obamacare.

The conservative network saw Donald Trump as the person who could rid this nation of big government designed for millions of lazy freeloaders as described by Paul Ryan in his intergenerational poverty comments on African-American males.

The conservatives’ zeal to bring about these changes caused it to overlook the burden Trump was bring to the presidency. His election was questioned by millions of people who saw signs, evidence and actions that the Russians had helped Trump win the election. As this evidence mounted and the Justice Department called for a special counsel to investigate whether it was true, the conservatives doubled down on its support to keep the president clean.

The conservative network has not found a Democrat with character and integrity. They denigrated Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Keith Ellison, Elizabeth Warren and many of the nation’s Democratic governors. As we speak, this network is calling for the jailing and imprisonment of Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, James Clapper, William Brennan and Bill Clinton. In addition, the conservatives are calling for the impeachment of Rob Rosenstein, deputy attorney general of the United States. Adding injury to the insults of the American people, the conservative network broadcasts that the upper leadership in the FBI is corrupt and must be cleaned up by Donald J. Trump.

I still support the right of the conservative network to broadcast all the negative stuff, as it calls the other networks fake news. It openly advocates that all the other networks should be shut down. If this conservative network can prevail, then Trump might survive, but democracy will be interrupted, scarred and weakened — and so will our institutions.

The pundits keep saying we have a constitutional crisis. We have a moral crisis. The president does not care about right and wrong. The conservatives do not care either. The establishment Republicans, by silence, have joined Trump. What’s next?

George Leach is a Wilson resident and former teacher with a keen interest in local, state and national politics who serves as political action chairman of the NAACP’s Wilson branch.