Butterfield takes his constituents’ votes for granted

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I wonder how citizens feel having voted for G.K. Butterfield when realizing that he takes their vote for granted. He is so confident that voters will vote for the color of his skin and not his accomplishments or character that he isn’t placing signs in entire counties, responding to voter guides (last update for Vote-USA.org was 2011) or posting for candidate forums unless in comfortable like-minded places.

In 12 months, I have seen him at one event, the N.C. Eastern Civic Group, when he responded to my support of the North Carolina voter ID amendment that “I will vote for you if you can prove voter fraud. Update: There is proof and I look forward to the headline, “Butterfield Votes for His Opponent, Roger W. Allison.”

Regardless, is that a way for someone to act who supposedly represents all of the people? If responding at all, his staff responds with form letters, rudely hangs up on constituents voicing concerns over the southern border caravan, Kavanaugh treatment, Israel support or any other opinions he and Nancy Pelosi don’t agree with. He has told other constituents, “We will have to agree to disagree.”

With this contempt for the majority of the people he represents, don’t blame our current president for the divisiveness. Instead, Butterfield need only look at his own racist, biased and myopic viewpoint regarding who and how he represents. Citizens will have a chance to express their disdain for being taken for granted on Nov. 6 by voting for real representation — a vote for Roger W. Allison. #BetterThanButterfield

Roger Allison


The writer is the Republican candidate for North Carolina’s 1st Congressional District seat.