Butterfield bests Allison to keep congressional seat

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Voters cast ballots in favor of Rep. G.K. Butterfield, keeping the long-serving Democrat in the nation’s capital instead of sending a Durham businessman to represent the 1st Congressional District.

“I work hard and I try to stay as close as I can to the people I represent,” Butterfield said. “I’ve brought resources to the communities and Wilson is just one example. I’ve brought resources to Rocky Mount, Greenville and the constituents know I work very hard to protect their interests. This is good news.”

According to unofficial election results from the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement, Butterfield garnered nearly 70 percent of the votes while 30 percent were cast for Republican Roger Allison, who could not be reached for comment before press time.

Early results indicate Democrats will likely wrest control of the U.S. House away from Republicans. Butterfield said he hopes that change will allow Democratic control of committees, legislative agendas and the budget. He added that improving access to health care is on the top of his priority list.

“Voters like some of the Republican policies, but they dislike the extreme partisanship we’ve seen. They want civility and bipartisanship in Congress,” Butterfield said. “The new Republican Party – I call it the Trump party — has an agenda that does not include rural communities and they use everything in their power to reinforce their position on tax cuts and other expensive items that only add to the deficit.”

He added he believes the trend toward the Democratic Party will continue as the 2020 presidential election nears.

“President Trump is a divisive president that does not care about civility and thrives off the division,” Butterfield concluded. “I think the American people are figuring this out and although they may like some of the Republican agenda, they do not like the direction the country is going. I predict in 2020, Trump will be defeated and we’ll have a Democratic president that will calm things down and protect American families.”