Build new adoption center next to current animal shelter

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The Wilson County commissioners' decision to fund a new animal shelter/adoption center is a welcome move by all of us who have, over the years, rescued - and sometimes kept - abandoned or unwanted dogs and cats. Now all that remains is to settle on the actual location. 

The location apparently being favored by some of the commissioners is on N.C. 42 adjacent to the city landfill - the dump, as most people call it - about 1 mile from U.S. 301. While not far from 301, I suspect many folks would call it "out in the boondocks." 

The location favored by animal advocates and other commissioners is next to the current shelter on Airport Road, a location easily accessible by future pet adopters and much closer to residential areas than the N.C. 42 site. This location will certainly make it less stressful on the dogs and cats being moved into their new temporary home as they wait to be adopted; a few yards versus several miles.

I am aware that there was previous concern about this Airport Road location because of the mistaken notion that the land was actually on top of a landfill. Now that that has been corrected, it seems there is little justification for dismissing it as a potential location. Is there some other reason not to consider it?

As for the N.C. 42 option, I am hard-pressed to understand why it is favored by some of the commissioners. My gut reaction, which may be entirely wrong, is that there is some ulterior motive for it. And, it is rather ironic that a shelter/adoption center for dogs and cats without real homes is housed next to the dump. Does it suggest an underlying attitude towards these animals? I hope not.

Let's not drag out the construction of a new adoption center by unnecessary debate over the two location options. Next to the current shelter is the most logical choice.

Brian Grawburg