Breaking up isn’t hard

Moody wins 4 age-group titles at US Capitol Classic

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In just a few short days, Wilson’s Parker Moody will launch his journey as a martial arts professional.

The 17-year-old Moody, a senior at Community Christian School, will start that quest as a bonafide member of a professional board breaking team.

Through his performance at the U.S. Capitol Classic in National Harbor, Maryland on  Aug. 10, Moody is now a member of “Fuel”, the southern-based board breaking team coached by ISKA World Breaking Champion John Kanaby.

“I’ve always wanted to do it,” Moody said in a telephone interview Thursday. “I’ve never had the opportunity to join one until recently.”

That chance came in Maryland, where Moody competed in the ages 13-17 category in a variety of breaking disciplines. While Moody was attempting to win his respective divisions, there was a minimum standard in play to qualify for one of Kanabay’s professional breaking teams, the other being “Hangar Crew,” representing the northern board breaking team.

To get a spot on Fuel, Moody had to break 10 boards with his hand, 10 with the elbow, 10 with his foot and seven concrete blocks. Moody had the option to use either the hand or elbow to disperse the concrete. He broke 100 percent of the boards placed in front of him, winning all four divisions and earning his way onto the professional roster.

Along the way, Moody secured first place in Power Hand Wood, Power Elbow Wood, Power Foot Wood and the Power Concrete Hand/Elbow divisions in the ages 13-17 division.

He’ll observe his 18th birthday Tuesday, clearing the way to compete on a professional basis.

Moody’s first chance to compete on that stage is expected to come Oct. 11-12 in the Pan American Internationals in Miami Beach, Florida through the North American Sport Karate Association.

Competing on stage in front of the ESPN cameras is something Moody has always had his eye on.

A second-degree black belt, Moody studies taekwondo at Dong’s Martial Arts School of Wilson and is trained by master instructor Matt Mercer and Bob Treadwell.

Previously, Moody won taekwondo gold medals at the Powerade State Games of North Carolina, competing in traditional poomsae, creative breaking and creative weapons.