Boykin Center concerts need Wilsonians’ support

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I, along with a group of friends, just returned for the Summer Sounds show of “The Breeze Band Starring You!” This was one in a series of concerts to raise money to replace and improve the sound system at the Edna Boykin Cultural Center.

The Breeze Band contributed their time and talents, worth upwards of $2,500, to this fundraiser and talented local singers and dancers contributed more than $1,300 for the privilege of performing with this outstanding band. The show was a lot of fun and the “You!” performers were talented, energetic and engaging. It was a great evening

What was sad though, as I looked around the auditorium at the empty seats, I noticed that 99.7 percent of Wilson County residents were not there. What’s up with that? Talented performers, on their own dime, putting on a show to benefit the cultural centerpiece of Wilson and only 0.3 percent can bother to attend. These missing folks are probably the same ones who complain that there is nothing to do in Wilson.

The next show is Aug. 9 with the Dale Bryce Collective, a Herbie Hancock-style jazz performer. Come out for a different style concert and help support the Edna Boykin Cultural Center.

David Sheppard