Bird-watcher seeks tips to keep squirrels away

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This story I’m writing about is true, from start to end. Yesterday, May 4, I watched as a desperate squirrel found the hole where my birdseed was being put into my bird feeder. In his sheer desperation, he crammed almost his whole body into my bird feeder! All I could see was his rump and his tail.

I could see his head and his two front paws. He was cramming both of his front paws into his mouth as fast as he could with my birdseed. I was so mad! If I’d had my rifle, I would have shot him right in his rump!

The maintenance man who works here at Wilson Pines Nursing and Rehabilitation Center put adhesive tape on top of the large feeder to close the hole and rubbed Vicks Vapo-Rub all over that bird feeder, and even the pole he used to get onto my bird feeder.

The first time, he tried climbing the pole and slid right back down. The second time, he jumped atop the bird feeder and proceeded to climb inside it! He finally got out of my bird feeder and left. Earlier, my CNA came bak into my room and the squirrel was on top of my bird feeder again. She just tapped her finger on the window and he jumped down.

What it boils down to is I’m going to have to buy another large bird feeder. It seems the other residents here are having the same problem. I sure would like some suggestions on how to stop these squirrels from eating our birdseed and how to get rid of them.

Ann S. Brown