Big Bird criticism misses the point

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Big Bird criticism misses the point

Re: “Responsible arguments are supported by facts,” March 7:

In her first letter, the writer should have warned me that she is a highly educated intellectual journalistic guru. If I’d known, I would have been more sensible than to challenge such a genius. I would have tucked my tail between my legs and ran for the hills.

However, I must say one thing that makes my neck turn red is someone who, out of the blue, informs me of her educational prowess and professional greatness. The writer states “I am more than qualified to speak about editorial construction.”

The writer lists her address as Wilson; one would expect it to be Raleigh (News & Observer), Washington (The Washington Post) or New York (The New York Times). It seems to me that it would be beneath her dignity to challenge the lowly Wilson Times.

Was it of such journalistic importance that the writer corrected The Times on getting the facts wrong about Big Bird moving from PBS? Really, who cares? I’ll bet one out of 10,000 readers felt this was a journalistic “scoop.”

In the first letter, the writer states “I disagree with your opinion on public funding for PBS.” Of course she does. A well-seasoned socialist believes everything should be paid for by the taxpayers and controlled by a government bureaucracy.

She also states “Your decidedly conservative viewpoint is unmistakable.” I realize that these quotes are not relevant to truth in editorials, but anyone with half a brain knows the writer is using this to bash conservativism and promote her socialist agenda. These statements destroy her credibility.

In the rebuttal, the writer states I assume readers will unquestionably accept my opinion. I never expect anyone to accept my opinion, but that does not stop me from expressing it. I believe even she will acknowledge that. Her statement is a perfect example of the pot calling the kettle black.

If The Times did in fact gets the facts wrong about Big Bird, I wish the paper would print a correction and maybe the writer would be able to sleep again. Such a disgraceful journalistic snafu as this could start World War III.

Carl Hinson