Benghazi, Uranium One ‘scandals’ discredited

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Re: “Trump-bashing avoids mention of Clinton scandals,” by Art Tozzi, July 27:

Arthur, do you have confidence that all those innuendos you spewed out in your recent letter to the Times to accuse the Clintons and President Obama are founded in facts and truth? Let’s just take two from the many you and the majority of the Archie Bunker types seem to favor.

First, Uranium One — Fox News and Rep. David Nunes, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, claim Hillary Clinton gave 20 percent of the U.S. uranium to Russia in exchange for a Clinton Foundation donation, unsubstantiated. Take it from there, Arthur, truth and substantiated facts only, please.

Second, the Benghazi fiasco — Elaborate on the facts showing wrongdoing and proof of guilt that has eluded the Republicans investigation “witch hunt” of 27 months and some $7 million of taxpayers’ funds that turned up no evidence of punishable guilt. Can you fill in the blanks on this one?

There is a saying, “Never argue with a liar or an idiot, they will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” This Trump administration consistently competes in this arena of lies and deception. The man is a habitual liar, i.e., he claimed just this past week that his economy at present is the strongest ever to date — not true. Bill Clinton’s economy was statistically stronger in all categories, and also reduced the debt to deficit. Trump’s 2018-19 budget will add $1 trillion to the deficit.

Defending Donald J. Trump’s policies is like trying to polish a turd.

William T. “Nick” Smith