Benghazi bungled; Trump outperforms Obama

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Re: “Benghazi, Uranium One ‘scandals’ discredited,” by William T. “Nick” Smith, Aug. 2:

Nick, I’m surprised you would stoop to such a low level as to have to use terms such as “polish a turd” to explain your point of view. Makes one wonder just what your level of experience is in this strange endeavor you espouse.

Your letter is that of a drowning man gasping for his last breath of air. You know deep down in your heart that Hillary is a dirtbag and you were grasping at straws when you tried to indicate that Benghazi was a witch hunt. Obama, Hillary and Rice all lied when they said Benghazi was the result of an anti-Muslim film. Your illustrious leader, Obama, blocked the survivors of Benghazi from speaking out.

If you had ever spoken to any military folks, they would tell you they could have responded and provided assistance, but Hillary was too stupid to care and as a result, good men died. A friend of mine recently said that if it wasn’t for the blue dress, you would probably say that “Slick Willie” was falsely accused.

You call us “Archie Bunker” types. I will accept that any day in preference to a “left-wing loonie,” a “Maxine Waters dingbat,” or a “Nancy Pelosi/Chuck Schumer obstructionist do-nothing snowflake.”

I don’t agree with everything President Trump tweets, but he sure has gotten a lot accomplished. Obama was an eloquent speaker but was an empty suit when it came to getting anything accomplished.  Did he go to North Korea? No, he was too busy bowing down to the Saudi princes and telling the world how bad America was.

President Trump did not say his economy was the strongest ever. He did say it was the strongest in the last decade. And how right he is. You don’t see any Solyndras with the Trump administration because he’s a president with business experience unlike Obama.

Nick, if you keep promoting Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren and the like, you’ll remain at the bottom of the barrel My hope: May Nick Smith one day see the light.

Art Tozzi