Banish crude comments from Times website

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Congratulations to you, Morgan and everyone else responsible for making The Wilson Times an excellent newspaper. I’ve read this paper for 65 years or so, and still look forward to every edition. You whip the living daylights out of comparable papers in nearby communities such as Rocky Mount, Greenville, Goldsboro, Kinston and many, many others. I hope this always continues!

However, boo to people like Alvin Bass, Ray Shamlin, Mike Jones and others of their ilk who continually bash folks such as Deborah Baro, who merely are attempting to offer a counterpoint to their allegiances and trains of thought.

Please understand that, although I differ greatly with their opinions and points of view, I wholeheartedly endorse their rights of expression. It is with their vile, profane and unceasingly rude and crude remarks to Ms. Baro that I object! I ask that you not allow these attacks to continue in your paper.

To think that Mr. Bass is given an opportunity to espouse his thoughts in a weekly column which is most of the time benign, but then parlay his bile and derogatory remarks toward an individual who happens to disagree with him politically, is quite puzzling. Mr. Bass even has a hard time spelling some words, such as “your” for “you’re!”

By the way, kudos for ridding your paper’s internet material of the “CAPITAL KING!” The Wilson Times is so much better online without him! I ask that you consider likewise to the folks mentioned earlier.

Once again, congratulations on your efforts in producing a quality newspaper, and Happy New Year to you and everyone at The Wilson Times!

Alton Britt