Background checks won’t stop determined criminals

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The way that gun issues are handled by the media, it is understandable that some people are motivated to be anti-gun. However, I hope that we all want to make our decisions based on facts and then use common sense, so I would like to give you another viewpoint.

Let’s talk about background checks. These checks can have some positive effects, but a congressman seemed very happy when he said 3 million people were denied the right to buy a gun legally because of background checks. The interviewer did not question the congressman.

If I had been interviewing the man, I would have asked him how many of those people then went and obtained firearms illegally. I would have then told him not to answer me because he does not know. No one does. But here is the common-sense aspect: It is obvious that none of those denied who were criminals, gang members, radicals or crazies who had determined to kill someone were going to simply go home and cry and moan because they could not buy a gun legally. They were going to go get one or more guns illegally. This is the way these things work.

Imagine if you were a criminal, gang member or radical and you had been denied the right to buy a firearm — would you simply go home and be satisfied?

The black market for guns is huge and is used constantly. That is another issue we could talk about, but we don’t have room here. Also, please accept the factual view that the vast majority of criminals, gang members and radicals do not ever even try to buy guns legally.

Anyone who tried to buy a gun legally and was turned down and then accepted that denial was not planning to do anything bad with the gun anyway. So, please understand that background checks are quite limited in what they can accomplish. It is not that they cannot accomplish anything, but always consider that criminals, gang members and radicals do not obey the laws. That includes background checks.

Hyatt Field