Autocratic Trump endangers our future

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Our kids and our future are misled by this unethical, lying autocrat who lavishes praise on dictators, watches his cohorts go to jail, increases our national debt and yet promises a cheaper, better health care program reining in drug costs.

Earnings average 1.38 percent when “not boosted” by programs. Trump’s tax bill — promising it would not increase debt. A year later, wages are not making even 1.2 percent increases. The national debt stands at $21 trillion. About 5.2 million people lost health insurance and drug costs are up 2.22 percent.

No viable plan evolved, and Mexico is not paying for any walls. Immigrant kids — 1,156 then, 704 now — remain separated from their parents. Prison sentences for Trump associates and appointee choices amount to 350 years in combined time. And we’ve not yet seen Trump’s tax records.

Russia’s insurgency led to the indictment of 17-plus of its agents, yet Trump says only good things about Putin and his debt-holders.

My mom knew how to adjust a lie when kids did not know a hardline lie. Dad was black and white. No lies good. He did things to stop them. And he was a real patriot along the way. He knew Russia had the intent to harm us.

The autocrat Trump wants all government departments to lavish him with praise, right or wrong. Our system is checks and balances. I, for one, have great respect for the Department of Justice, the CIA, the press and the FBI workers, and past bosses keeping their security clearances as lifetime patriots and advisers. I never wanted a king.

Those who are not rich cannot benefit from Trump’s bankruptcy brain, where cheating is normal and jail can be avoided by changing attorneys and acting like a bully. Trump is isolating us from our allies and threatening everyone.

I miss respect for the office of the president and the decorum of three branches of government and their checks and balances. Respect and trust is what makes us the USA.

He admits he gropes women. We have tape on that. Hard truths. More to come.

Bob Plesha

Elm City