At 100-day mark, Trump earns failing grade

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President Trump was correct on one account: The presidency was rigged — in his favor — and he owes a debt of gratitude to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange, fake news and alternative facts in the art of the lie to carry him through.

Couple these actions with a base group of folks so gullible that they believe every word this habitual liar utters. Remember when this buffoon said that he can run this country and his businesses simultaneously, no problem, trust me? And they do believe it. God bless their little hearts and minds.

The first 100 days of Trump in office have come and gone, and The Donald’s report card on achievements on his promise of initiatives reflect a dismal failure of accomplishments. A man of detail, he proclaims of himself, as he refuses to release his tax returns along with his and his family’s business interests and connections and most of all, details on his proposals such as immigration, tax reform, health care, border control and in general, all domestic and foreign policies.

This continuous malfunction has a new spin identity flexibility, whatever the hell that means. One thing is for sure, this man and his administration through their actions to deny, by deregulating Obama’s executive orders, is leading our country toward a third-world status. As he constantly complains that President Obama left him domestic and foreign policy in a total mess, it makes one wonder how he would have handled the handoff by George W. Bush to Obama.

William T. “Nick” Smith