Are you gonna splurge or save your taxes?

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This year I was very bad when it came time to file my taxes.

Most of the time I kick butt and get it done as soon as I get everything I need. But this year I was lazy and finally after a lot of internal struggle, I filed them over this past weekend. Now I sit and wait for the pretty money to deposit itself into my sad and lonely bank account.

I’ve thought a lot about what I am planning on doing with my refund this year. I’m getting back quite a bit and I’m really thinking that the large majority of it is going to end up in my savings account. (After I take it out in one dollar bills and swim in it in my bathtub.)

Five years ago, 19-year-old Kelsey would have had a very different reaction. She would have looked for the most expensive thing she needed (or didn’t need) at the time and splurge accordingly. She would order out from restaurants instead of sticking to the dollar menu like a normal college student. She would take last minute road trips entirely funded by my only-for-emergencies credit card. She would rack up debt thinking, “Adult Kelsey can take care of this later for me.” Overall, young and crazy Kelsey is a pain in my butt. She is the reason I gained weight in college, the reason I am in the large amount of the debt I am in, and also the reason I can no longer drink whiskey.

She would have spent my tax return in one weekend without blinking an eye. Thank the stars above that she is my past.

This year I have really thought about what I need and what I need is to pay bills and be a responsible adult. So after I pay off my credit card in full, my tax return is probably going to make its way to my savings account.

That doesn’t mean that eventually it won’t come out to play if I get the bright idea to buy concert tickets last minute or decide I need another dog as I walk past the PetSmart adoption event. But it will be there in case I need new tires or Zoe needs to go to the vet. It will also be there for responsible splurges that I know I will have to make eventually, like a new rug or a new kitchen table.

While adult Kelsey’s plans are nowhere near as fun as crazy Kelsey’s, they are probably more responsible long term. And let’s be real here— I can’t splurge anymore until I pay off all those old adventures.

Whatever you decide to do with your tax return, do what is going to give you the most piece of mind. And if that is splurging that new purse you want, then girl, do it.

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