AR-15 ban, age restrictions aren't the answer

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Re: "Gun restrictions needed to prevent school shootings," by Deborah A. Baro, Feb. 21:

Ms. Baro starts her missive on gun control "we have allowed the Second Amendment to become a sanctuary for weapons manufacturers whose only goal is greater profit. These companies will not impose ethical guidelines on themselves."

Duh! Isn't that every manufacturer's dream - more profit?  What are ethical guidelines? What she has failed to understand time and time again is that guns don't kill people, it's the nut whose finger is on the trigger that kills people. 

Then she harps on semi-automatic weapons and almost everyone mentions the AR-15. People like Bob Plesha says don't let them have AR-type guns until they are 27. Bob, what is an AR-type weapon? The 1911 .45-caliber pistol and the Glock are semi-automatic pistols. One can hide two pistols and numerous magazines in a backpack or on their person much easier than an AR-15. 

Our kids in the military are trained to fire the AR-15. I guess that's OK with you, but they can't own one until they're 27. That sounds ridiculous. Again, it's not the gun, it's the nut holding the gun, so let's focus on keeping the gun out of the nut's hands. 

Sorry, to be politically correct it's not nut, it's disturbed individual. But, I'm sick of PC so it's nut. 

Ms. Baro, you're not going to get rid of 300 million-plus guns in the U.S. Forget it! We live in a different world, so react to it. Put more security in the schools, cameras, choke points with metal detectors, maybe some retired military personnel who would be happy to volunteer their time and expertise and could be armed. In all my years in the military I never met a bad guy who wanted to fight when the deck was stacked against him.

Let's get the 45 percent slackers to start paying their taxes, providing more funds for mental health care. Let's get back to parents being responsible for their kids, which will allow teachers to teach.

You want to curtail my Second Amendment rights.  Maybe we curtail your First Amendment rights.  The wrong words kill. Maybe we put restrictions on Hollywood and the garbage they put out in the name of art. What do you do about video games and paintball and other violence our kids see every day? Think, Ms. Baro, don't just knee-jerk react.

Arthur B. Tozzi