Amnesty push is a political con job

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I support “the wall” but it will not be sufficient to halt illegal immigration in itself.

About 40 to 50 percent of illegal immigrants do not sneak across the border. They simply obtain an easy-to-get tourist, student, business or other temporary visa and then violate the visa terms and stay in the U.S.

I frankly do not know why so many bother to sneak over the border. One study estimated that if we completely secured our physical borders, the number using the unlawful visa violation entry would simply rise to about 75 percent.

The wall is, however, more effective against criminals and terrorists carrying goods, equipment, weapons.

Unless the “wall” is accompanied by a national E-verify program to check employment applications  it will never be very effective.

I am not for DACA at all, but if DACA is not accompanied by strong E-Verify laws, it will wind up being the usual immigration disaster. Amnesties always cause more illegal immigration and follow-up amnesties, followed by even more illegal immigration.

There are other essentials that are necessary to control immigration: getting rid of chain migration, the visa lottery and birthright citizenship are extremely important. DACA would actually expand the concept of birthright citizenship (which only the U.S. of all nations tolerates). Reducing legal immigration below 500,000 and going to a merit system of immigration control are also very important. Internal visa control is very important.

Another thing we have learned through seven previous amnesties: Never, never, never, give an amnesty before all enforcement measures are already in place and working effectively. Yet there is even Republican talk of making a DACA amnesty the first step in “comprehensive immigration reform,”which would be the first step toward uncontrollable immigration and the social and economic disasters that would follow. The safest thing is no amnesties ever.

Again, the media and benefiting politicians are doing a real sentimentalist con job on the American people about the quality of DACA applicants. Some are good, yes, but they turn out to be the exceptions nowhere near the potentially disastrous statistical reality.

Very few DACA applicants have been vetted to any extent, especially the extent any potential immigrant or future citizen should be vetted. DACA is essentially a blanket amnesty with no responsible vetting. Why should the U.S. government and Congress buy into such an irresponsible and stupid immigration policy of extremely limited vetting?

Only 49 percent of DACA applicants have a high school diploma — and the vast majority of them are now in their 20s or 30s. Twenty-four percent are functionally illiterate and will certainly be a burden on taxpayers for generations.

One of the sentimental distortions of the DACA amnesty is that children should not suffer for the crimes of their parents. This is half-baked legal chicanery. The guiding principle in U.S. law has always been that children should not benefit from their parents’ crimes.

What a terrible precedent these DACA sentimentalists are foisting on the American people. Most people know the egregious motives behind this chicanery: $500 billion in annual cheap labor profits and more Democratic voters for the welfare state. In fact, the ocean of new Democratic voters could be the end of the Republican Party as an effective party for the best interests of Americans.

Beware of phony and misleading polls on DACA.  If people knew the truth about DACA, few would be for it.

Mike Scruggs of Clayton is the author of two books along with more than 600 articles on military history, national security, intelligent design, genealogical genetics, immigration, current political affairs, Islam and the Middle East.