Americans must confront abortion’s gruesome reality

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The recent letter from Tom Haitema decrying abortion (“Failure to protect botched abortion victims a stain on the republic,” March 4) seems a bit too mild and does not really bring home to those who still stand by the fiction that abortion is no worse than extracting a tooth or having one’s appendix removed. By skirting the issue of the human life that is being snuffed out, the pro-life crowd allows the opposition to hide behind the ignorance of the public and not acknowledge the absolute barbarity that abortion entails.

The pro-aborts hide behind euphemisms such as “terminate” or “dilate and extract” or “remove the fetus.” These terms do not do justice to the horrors of dismemberment of a living, feeling baby whose innocence and total dependence on its mother makes the cruel savagery of the act even more unspeakable.

The recent spate of states condoning the murder of newborns is more evidence of the unhinged mental state of today’s liberals who are willing to join with countries such as North Korea and China in sanctioning the murder of the innocents.

I would direct anyone who is still pro-choice to watch the video, “This is what a 20-week abortion really looks like” that can be viewed at dailywire.com/news/43277/watch-what-20-week-abortion-really-looks-frank-camp.

If, after viewing this, the pro-choice partisan is still unmoved, then there is no hope for that person. Watching the “doctor” hold the fetus’ severed foot and seeing the crushed and mangled skull should bring even the hardest of hearts to repentance and a change of perspective.

We must turn the tide and steer this country back to a time when children were cherished, men and women married and people understood the biological reality of sex is determined by chromosomes and not by cultural Marxist wishful thinking that it weren’t so.

Watch the video referenced above and pray for those whose souls are so far into the nihilist camp that they will not acknowledge the depravity evidenced in the cold-blooded murder you just witnessed.

Julia Yancey