Americans can disagree, debate without hate

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I've never seen such outward expressions of hate as we have had over the last nine years.

Hate is the exact opposite of love. To hate someone is to wish that individual harm, be it physically, emotionally or professionally. Many people throw the word hate around without really meaning someone harm. They dislike what an individual has done, so rather than use the correct term of dislike, they throw out the hate word.

Today there are many who really mean it when they say they hate someone. The hate has been expressed in word and deed. They have wished harm upon the individual.

President Trump was not my first choice for president but "We the People" have used our electoral college and elected him to office. Any hate or harm that is wished upon him will be harmful to the United States. You may not like his policies, but they are policies that "We the People" have supported.

Many are throwing around lies about President Trump. The individuals telling lies should remember that "you reap what you sow." The lies are not really harmful to President Trump; they are more harmful to those who are telling them or repeating them.

Those telling lies are doing so after supporting a presidential candidate who has told more lies than six people could tell in their lifetime. Not only has she lied and lied again, she has allowed documents that are classified at the highest level to be accessed by individuals and maybe countries that should not have had access. She has allowed espionage to happen because of her gross neglect.

In addition to lying, she was bribed on a number of occasions that has placed the United States in jeopardy. The Uranium One deal with Russia and the Marc Rich pardon are just two examples. There are numerous other pay-for-play schemes she has participated in. 

Do I hate Hillary Clinton? No!

I do hate the actions she's committed that have negatively affected the United States. The U.S. is much better off now that she has been defeated in her bid to be president.

Ray Shamlin

Rocky Mount