Adopted cat’s love is a treasured blessing

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I want to tell everyone my short but true story. My life was pretty dull since my husband passed away. My health hasn’t been too great, either. I live by myself all day until my son gets home from his work. He lives in the house with me. So all day long, I needed a hobby, besides the children’s pillows that I make for our folks like the Wesley Shelter and I’ve given some to firemen when they have fundraisers.

Anyway, I took my son and his dog to his veterinarian. The staff at Brentwood Veterinary Center knew that I had to put my cat to sleep. So while I’m waiting for my son and his dog to come from the back, one of the staff members came out and placed a kitty across my shoulder.

She looked in my eyes and I looked into hers, and I knew here was a living, breathing creature in need of a good home. So I said, “I’ll take her home with me.” Then the doctor told me that she had FIV, the feline equivalent of AIDS. I said, “I’ll take her anyway.” I knew enough to know she was no threat to humans.

Her name is Baby. She sleeps with me and follows me everywhere I go. What joy she brings to me. When I lay beside her, I can feel her heart beating. I can also see that she loves me and I’m so, so glad I went to the Brentwood clinic with my son and Turbo, his dog.

I see my sweet cat looking out our bedroom window at the birds as they’re eating seed I put out for them. God is so good.

And to think seven years ago, a pulmonary doctor said I had about three years to live due to the fact that I had pulmonary fibrosis. As I said, God is so good.

Elizabeth Ann Pittman