A modern-day Revere, Steele warned us the Russians were coming

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Paul Revere, in his “big ride,” according to the storyline, had considerations. Tories covertly loyal to the UK. Revolters like himself. Neighbors not active in revolutionary causes. Outright spies. And the British, powerful and organized with the potential to invade.

He looked over the harbor with mixed feelings about his job. He saw lights. His speed in announcing the British arrival was critical to colonial reactions. He wished he was closer to the harbor to see details. Who to trust other than himself? Many nervous moments came to him. He would set the anvil in place for colonial response in terms of musketfire, bayonets and freedom.

Christopher Steele was the name of undercover agent for M-5-UK — a British spy. Working the clandestine world of so few. A pro like 007, no slouch in his discoveries. He found out long before 2016 that one of America’s enemies — Russia — was intent on harming the democratic climate and process of our elections.

The other one was Donald Trump, seeking loans, putting himsel in compromising situations with Russia dealing with oligarchs, moneylenders and mafia figures.

Steele’s data came in mixed format not unlike Revere’s view of the harbor. What danger? How powerful? Cannons? Ships?

Both Steele and Revere reported. Russians already had people in the United States under fake names and Social Security numbers in political centers — in 2014, not 2016. Our FBI and CIA had real evidence, too. IImagine how important Steele’s information was for the United States’ defense. Of course, Democrats had a second motive, by 2015 — Trump was prominently demeaning competitors by name-calling and threats but ignoring and covering his own trash.

Motives aside, Democrats knew John Podesta had been hacked by Russian agents. And they paid Steele to finish the investigation and over the dossier on what he discovered. Hand it over to be used as an election tool. But also evidence of Russia’s role. Surely what anyone would do with such information — hopefully.

Bob Plesha

Elm City