4-Hers gearing up for annual livestock show

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Andrew Pate and Auston Dew might be from two different barns, but their enthusiasm for livestock is the same.

The two 4-Hers reported to the Wilson County Agribusiness Committee Wednesday about the upcoming 67th annual Wilson County 4-H Livestock Show and Sale on March 28 and 29.

“I’m more of a cow man myself. I can’t take the noise of the pigs,” said Andrew, of Lucama.

“I’m more into the pig side,” said Auston, of Bailey. “Some may show pigs and some may show steers, but in the end you’re all going to come together and be involved.”

The show and sale will be held at the Wilson County Fairgrounds. It is organized by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension office in Wilson County, the Wilson Agribusiness Committee, the Wilson Chamber of Commerce and the Wilson County Livestock Association.

Raising cows is just what Andrew’s family has always done.

“I was brought up on a cow farm in Lucama,” Andrew said. “They have just always been there. It’s just really what I like to do.”

“I just always wanted to show pigs,” said Auston. “Steers are kind of a different ballgame. The same principles apply but it is just personal preference.”

This will be Andrew’s sixth year participating in the show.
“I could talk forever about all the stuff I learn out of 4-H. I get responsibility, a level of trust and definitely leadership,” Andrew said.

It’s nice being able to depend on others to help him out and offer help to other teens, Andrew said.

“I love it,” Andrew said. “Being able to bring the animal out and show it off and see how well it does and how well I have worked with it.”

Auston said participants learn responsibility.

“That is probably one of the biggest things,” Auston said. “You learn how to work with your animal. It’s your project. It’s not your parents’ project. I think a huge thing with 4-H is it teaches you how to do something. I guess you build a lot of friendships in 4-H. It’s one big family. You are learning leadership. You are learning about livestock. It’s just kind of a well-rounded program.”

Auston said he enjoys the show because of his interactions with everyone.

“It’s kind of a unique environment,” Auston said. “The youth get to interact with business leaders in the community. I feel that is one thing that a lot of communities lack. It’s a totally different experience than anything else in town.”

Andrew said the show is worth attending just for the education.

“Even though you might not be there to buy anything, come out to help support,” Andrew said. “We need all the help we can get.”

Jessica Anderson, agriculture agent for livestock and 4-H, said the Wilson County show has benefited from community support through the years.

“It wouldn’t be able to be a tradition in Wilson County without the support that we have from the community,” Anderson said. “We are able to continue to grow, and that is because of the support of all of the businesses. It just shows the dedication to the 4-H program and the dedication to the agricultural lifestyle that is such an important part of the economy in Wilson County.”

Bucky Robbins, chairman of the agribusiness committee, told supporters to bring their checkbooks to the show.

“We want to make enough money to send these kids to college,” Robbins said. “It’s a good program, a fun event, and we need everyone to come out and support the show and sale.”