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3-A Big East golf results

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Monday’s results from the second of six 3-A Big East Conference boys golf matches at Happy Valley Countr Club (par 36-36—72).


1. Fike339

2. Nash Central347

3. Northern Nash376

4. Southern Nash381

5. Hunt393

6. Rocky Mountno score


Fike (339)

Bryson Boyette39-36—75

Candler Matthews42-39—81

Andrew Lohr50-42—92

Warren Matthews48-43—91

Will Williams47-45—92

Jonathan Hendricks47-48—95

Nash Central (347)

Joseph Cook38-39—77

Cody Cooke41-45—86

Brian Jones53-48—101

Cameron Beal47-46—93

Dylan King59-57—116

Brittan Joyner44-47—91

Northern Nash (376)

Christian Crawford41-51—92

Zack Ward40-39—79

Lee Casper49-48—97

Chance Puckett52-56—108

Will Stanley61-59—120

Jacob Evans53-61—114

Southern Nash (392)

Matthew Morgan44-37—81

Noah Shealy48-47—95

Bret Barnes59-52—111

Jubie Moss55-54—109

Ryan Saunders53-54—107

Andrew Howard58-53—111

Hunt (393)

Christopher Clark46-45—91

Adam Dermer50-49—99

Sam Guthrie59-50—99

Phillip Currie59-54—113

Clay Williams57-48—95

Will Barnes54-50—104

Rocky Mount

Joey Przelomski48-46—94

Jonathan Trevathan50-56—106

Maxton Keeter56-54—110


(After two of six regular-season matches)

1. Fike337-339—676

2. Nash Central356-347—703

3. Northern Nash365-376—741

4. Southern Nash381-392—773

5. Hunt397-393—790


(After two of six regular-season matches)

1. Bryson Boyette (F)74-75—149

2. Joseph Cook (NC)79-77—156

3. Candler Matthews (F)81-81—162

T4. Matthew Morgan (SN)83-81—164

T4. Zack Ward (NN)85-79—164

6. Christopher Clark (H)81-91—172

7. Christian Crawford (NN)83-92—175

8. Cody Cooke (NC)91-86—177

T9. Joey Przelomski (RM)86-94—180

T9. Andrew Lohr (F)88-92—180