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Starting a business from nothing requires persistence, hard work and a lot of faith. But ask entrepreneurs and they will say it is definitely worth all the sweat and stress. Taking my business from an idea and building it into a reality has been one … more
RALEIGH — Even as the number of voters who identify themselves as unaffiliated rises at the expense of the Republican and (especially) Democratic shares of the electorate, partisan polarization remains a strong force in our politics. How … more
It has been interesting to me that there are a number of scholars taking this 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation as the occasion to observe a pattern of reform within the Church as whole, stating that every 500 years the Church … more
“Repair, reuse, make do and don’t throw anything away” was a motto during the Great Depression. Times were hard, yet most people were able to survive by using ingenuity, creativity and available resources. They learned to use … more
Across America, there are hundreds of towns that don’t have the distinction of hosting a Major League Baseball team. These towns are big and small, tucked away in the far reaches of northern New England to the blazing sun of the desert … more
Anyone observing today’s political landscape cannot escape the conservative right and the liberal left. Both are loud and active advocates for their positions, but what is missing from current public policy debates are those in the moderate … more
RALEIGH — On April 19, 1995, the day domestic extremists blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, news reporters were watching TV updates in the legislative press room. What was already a glum day turned gloomier when I … more
RALEIGH — I am a teetotaler who believes that my fellow North Carolinians should be free to buy and consume the alcoholic beverages of their choice from the vendors of their choice. They don’t currently possess that freedom. Our state … more
RALEIGH — Imagine you’re running a match-play golf tournament. Your team will face another for a big cash prize, and you choose the course. The two teams have very different strengths, so you pick a course where your team is almost … more
Boy, things have changed in the 500 years since Martin Luther’s actions and writings sparked the Protestant Reformation. Recently, so much of the news has been about governments and government politics, it is almost impossible to imagine that … more
My wife and I went out a few weeks ago to see a movie. We went with a couple of friends on a sort of grownup double date. It was fun and we had a pretty good time. This column, however, is not about how the four of us had a good time at the … more
Last week’s column urged us to hold on to the idea that we can and should give back to Earth our gifts in appreciation for abundant offerings of food, shelter, water and beauty. The buzzword these days is “reciprocity,” what … more
RALEIGH — North Carolina Republicans has gotten right what Republicans elsewhere have gotten very wrong: how to construct sensible tax cuts and honest, conservative budgets. Liberal critics aren’t inclined to make the distinction. … more
“Nothing happens on the streets of this town after midnight that you need to be a part of,” my parents told me as a teen. Concerned I had neither the experience nor the judgment to impose this discipline on myself, they imposed a … more
President Donald Trump has returned home from his foreign policy tour and we say welcome home. This tour being his first as a representative of the United States representative and of the free world, we should not judge or evaluate the pros, cons or … more
RALEIGH — I have been writing a regular column on North Carolina politics and public policy since 1986. Over three decades of writing about and talking to politicians in Raleigh, few issues have come up more often than the relatively low pay … more
A tear welled up in Hal’s eye, a deep sadness etched across his face as he recalled the moment. Omaha Beach, the day after the D-Day invasion. Hal had been tasked by his company commander to go back down onto the beach and retrieve some … more
This time of the year, many of us recall how we loved summertime and how Earth showered us with gifts as we romped and roamed around the countryside during summer vacation. Earth was a gracious giver to us children, although we were so young that … more
I had thought about writing this column as the first of these columns for the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. But it kept getting bumped week after week by other subjects that sprang to the fore. While today’s headline may … more
There is a website called “People of Wal-Mart” that features photos of strange sights at the store. Usually, the pictures are of someone scantily clad, or strangely dressed or both. Occasionally, you might see something truly unusual … more
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